Best Place to Buy Biotru Daily Contact Lenses 2018 – Money Saving Guide

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The Biotru daily contact lenses is a line up of contacts that is made by Bausch and Lomb that goes by the name Biotru ONEday. These contact lenses are made from a material called nesofilcon A, a high-moisture next-generation material that Biotru Logois designed to be like the eye. These contact lenses have the same water content as the cornea of your eye (78%) and mimic the eyes tear film lipid layer to help retain moisture.

Biotru Daily Contact Lenses

A study comparing the Biotru ONEday lenses against two Acuvue branded daily contact lenses showed that the Biotru ONEday loss significantly less water than the two competitors. While this new technology sounds great, but how much does it cost? Take a look at the chart below that we have created that shows how much it would cost annually to use the Biotru ONEday line of contact lenses, the data was gathered using the prices of the contacts at the local Walmart Vision Center.

Annual Cost for Biotru ONEday Contacts

The Biotrue ONEday lenses can be a bit tricky to price since many retailers carry different variations of the products. For the Astigmatism lenses and the Presbyopia lenses on the chart, we used the 30pk as those are the most commonly available at many online retailers. For these contact lenses, the regular ONEday and the ONEday for Astigmatism at Walmart is very close to online pricing, but there can be major savings to get the ONEday Presbyopia lenses online over in-store. We know everyone loves to save money, especially when it comes to contact lenses so we spend hours looking through dozens of authorized contact lens retailers to find out where the best places are to buy Biotru daily contact lenses.

1. EZContacts | Best for Biotru ONEday and Biotru ONEday for Presbyopia

EZContacts HomepageVisit Website Button for EZContactsEZContacts is hands down one of the best places to purchase BIotru ONEday contact lenses. They not only offer the best price for two out of the three that we took a look at, but they also offer one of the best variety of them as well. They had both 30pk and 90pk options for all three of the Biotru ONEday contact lenses that we took a look at.

This New York-based prescription eyewear retailer is one of the markets leading when it comes to price, and they have one of the best, if not the best price match guarantees as well offering to beat competitor’s prices by 5%.

EZContacts had the cheapest price for the Biotru ONEday at $49.95 a box, and the ONEday for presbyopia at $74.95 a box.

2. Lens Direct | Best for Biotru ONEday for Astigmatism

Lens Direct Homepage

Visit Website Button for EZContactsLens Direct was once upon a time just a mail-order contact lens company back in 1992. But, today they are easily one of the best places to buy contact lenses on the internet. They have extremely competitive prices along with an auto-refill system that could potentially bring down your price per box even more! As far as retail prices without any discounts Lens Direct still had the best price for the Biotru ONEday for astigmatism. They were also another online retailer that carried a 30pk as well as a 90pk for all three of the Biotru ONEday line up of contact lenses.

Lens Direct had the cheapest price for the Biotru ONEday for astigmatism at $71.28 a box.

Most Expensive Places for Biotru ONEday Contact Lenses

Tips for Saving Money on Contact Lenses

With the cost for nearly everything constantly rising it is always good to look for the best deals for your contact lenses so you can make your money stretch. With so many places to buy contact lenses online, as well as locally it is good to keep these tips in mind while you are making your purchase..

  • Buy in Bulk – If you are able to buy in bulk, it is always good to find a retailer that will provide you with discounts when you buy in bulk. Keep in mind though, at times, even these retailers that are offering you discounts for buying in bulk, the discounted price per box still isn’t less expensive than the cheapest retailer so be sure to check around.
  • Order Before You Runs Out – Waiting until you run out of contact lenses and then having to expedite the shipping is an unnecessary expense. If you are wearing bi-weekly or monthly contacts you should order your contacts when you get to your 2nd to last contact lens. This way if that contact lens happens to get damaged you will still have a back up to put on as your contact lenses are getting shipped to you.Shopping Online
  • Look for Promotions – Online as well as local retailers often times runs promotions on their contact lenses so it is good to check around to see if there are any that you could take advantage of to save you some money.
  • Check your Vision Benefits – If you have vision insurance, it would be good to check and see if you have an allowance that is able to be applied towards your contact lenses. This would reduce the total out of pocket for you. Places like over at Eyeconic you can apply those benefits directly to your order so you do not need to go through the hassle of getting an invoice to submit to your vision insurance provider to get reimbursed.
  • FSA/HSA – For those of you that have FSA or HSA health savings cards that are affiliated with either Visa or MasterCard, many online retailers offer the ability to use these cards to purchase your eyewear just like you would any other credit card. This is money that has already been taken out of your paycheck and set aside for things such as these. If it is near the end of the year and you still have a lot of money in your accounts, stocking up on contact lenses is never a bad idea.
  • Different Brands – If you feel like your brand of contact lenses are too expensive, you can always inquire with your eye doctor to see if there are any other options that you may be able to get. Note depending on your prescription, there may not be another option of contact lenses you are able to get. That call is entirely up to your eye doctor.
  • Check Prices – Always be sure to check the prices carefully, this is especially true if you are purchasing your contact lenses on the internet. Some online retailers may use deceptive marketing practices in which they list a low price, but when you click on it to purchase it’s a different price because you are supposed to buy over a certain quantity to get that discounted price.
  • Manufacturer Rebates – Look for manufacturer rebates, this is a good way to get some money back. At times after submitting it, it could take up to 8 weeks for you to get it back, but hey at least your getting money back. Often times you completely forget that you are getting a rebate back and it is a nice surprise.
  • Don’t Forget Shipping – Don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping when you are purchasing contact lenses. Some online retailers have less costly shipping than others. Some even offer free shipping when you purchase over a certain amount, and some offer free shipping always. Don’t forget shipping.

Benefits of Using Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

What can’t be great about being able to have a fresh new contact lens every single day right? But, there are other benefits to using daily disposable contact lenses other than just having a new lens every single day. Let’s take a look at some:

  • Fewer Solution-Related Problems – When you are using daily contact lenses there are fewer chances of you running into any solution related problems such as using the wrong solution for the material of your contact lens, as well as any potential allergic reaction to the solution.
  • Good for Younger Wearers – Parents that have teenagers that are wearing contact lenses could benefit from having them prescribed daily disposable contact lenses. Teenagers having a higher chance of not properly caring for their contact lenses, which could result in a serious eye infection. Daily disposables eliminate the caring and storing process of wearing contact lenses.
  • No Storage – The one great thing about using a daily disposable contact lens is not having to store them. No more worrying about keeping the case clean, or having enough solution to use nothing. Just use the contacts and throw them away.
  • Less Chance of Eye Infection – Since you are using new lenses every single day, there is less of a chance you will get an eye infection from improper care or handling of your contact lenses. You should always still use proper handling practices such as washing your hands before handling your contact lenses.

Final Thoughts

If you aren’t currently prescribed Biotru ONEday contact lenses and you would like to try them, be sure to let your doctor know during your next visit that you were interested in trying them as your doctor would be the only one that would be able to prescribe them to you.

Where do you currently buy your BIotru contact lenses? Is it less expensive than what we found? Let us know! As always thank you for stopping by Eye Health HQ, and if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave it below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.






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  1. Contact lenses!! I used to wear them when I was younger until my eyes became sore.  They were standard lenses that you soaked in solution every night.  In the end I went back to wearing glasses…

    Biotrue sound very interesting as they mimic the cornea of the eye and contain more water.  That is very good and means they remain comfortable even towards the end of the day.

    I hope you will post an article about laser eye surgery too as it is becoming more popular.


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