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  • Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Best Blue-Light Computer Screen Filter [2019]

    There has been a lot of information about blue light out there, but visible light overall is much more complex than you might ever imagine. Visible light as rays as well as invisible light rays [...]
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    10 Best Aviator Sunglasses For Men [2019]

    Summer is back again and it is time to pull out those sunglasses again. Realistically though you shouldn’t be waiting until summer to bring those sunglasses out because your eyes need protection from the sun [...]
  • Reviews

    Proof Eyewear Review

    I was browsing around the internet for wood eyeglass frames the other day and stumbled upon Proof Eyewear. They offer high-quality eyewear that is handcrafted from sustainable materials which include wood, cotton-based acetate, recycled aluminum, [...]


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Huy has been working in eye care for the last 10 years as an Optician, and Optical manager. He is coming to you as an expert in the field, as well as a long time eyewear user. He is bringing his expertise and unbias opinion on optical technology, frame styling, contact lenses, and eye health. He is on a mission to educate the world about the importance of eye health, as well as provide everyone with helpful tips to save money on all your eye care needs. Huy is certified by the American Board of Opticianry as well as the National Contact Lens Examiners and is a State Licensed Optician in the state of California. Huy is the founder of and is currently an Optician in Los Angeles, CA.