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    Does Warby Parker Have High-Index Lenses?

    If you are a fan of popular eyewear brand Warby Parker but have a prescription that is on the stronger side you may be wondering what options you have when it comes to high-index lenses. [...]
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    Lensabl Review 2019

    Just the other day I was browsing along and I ran across an ad for a website that caught my attention. This ad told me that I was able to get prescription lenses for any [...]
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    How to Clean Eyeglasses [The Right Way]

    The lenses on your eyeglasses can become dirty and full of smudges from everyday wear and keeping your eyeglasses clean is the best way to be able to enjoy sharp, clear and unobstructed vision. Not [...]
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    Best Anti-Fog for Glasses [2019]

    Whether you are using prescription glasses, shooting glasses, safety glasses, or even goggles, it can be quite a nuisance and quite frankly a hazard whenever they start fogging up. Whenever there is a drastic change [...]

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