Order Contacts Online with EyeMed Insurance


Back in the day if you wanted to order contacts online with your EyeMed vision insurance, you’d have to pay for the entire amount upfront and submit your itemized receipt to EyeMed to get reimbursed. This process wasn’t the easiest process and at times could take up to 8 weeks before you got your money …

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Where to Use EyeMed For Glasses or Contacts Online 2023

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If you have EyeMed vision insurance benefits and you are looking for places where you can utilize your benefits online we have all that covered for you below. These online retailers allow you to apply your vision insurance benefits from EyeMed directly to your order so you only need to pay for your leftover out-of-pocket …

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How To Order Contacts Online With Vision Insurance Benefits 2023

Online shopping is nothing new, and buying your prescription eyewear online isn’t anything new either. But to be able to utilize your vision insurance benefits to purchase your eyewear online is definitely something new and worth looking into. If you don’t know how to order contacts online with insurance don’t worry, many of these retailers …

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