Discount Contact Lenses Review 2020

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I was recently asked if I could take a look at to see if they were truly a legitimate online retailer for contact lenses. They appear to have quite a large selection of brands of contact lenses, and a majority of them are priced better than many other online retailers.

I am happy to report that Discount Contact Lenses is indeed a legitimate online retailer, as a matter of fact, they are actually a sister company to longtime eyewear retailer AC Lens.

Let’s jump in and see what Discount Contact Lenses has to offer, and what they can do for you when it comes to prescription contact lenses.

Discount Contact Lenses Review

Discount Contact Lenses

Digging in deeper, I found that Discount Contact Lenses, when compared to many other online retailers, has one of the largest selections of contact lens brands you will be able to find out there. They carry many lesser-known, and not as commonly prescribed brands that many other retailers don’t carry such as Paragon, Polycon, Flosi and more.

You can also find many different types of contact lens at Discount Contact Lenses, depending on which type your doctor has fitted you with you will find daily, weekly, monthly, colored, toric, multifocal, and RGP contacts all available from Discount Contact Lenses.

If you are looking for colored contact lenses, they carry your standard Air Optix, and Freshlook brand of color contacts. You won’t find any Halloween or decorative lenses here.

Discount Contact Lenses brands

In order for you to make your purchase at Discount Contact Lenses, you will need to have a valid prescription. On your prescription, your doctor should’ve prescribed you a brand, and included the measurements such as base curve and diameter. You would just simply find that brand on their website, enter in your prescription values and add the contacts to your cart.

Shipping Cost & Time

Discount Contact Lenses does offer free shipping, but your order has to be over $99 which I find a bit high when compared to other online retailers. There are also expedited shipping options available if you need, I have always generally advised against using expedited shipping due to the fact that it basically raises the cost of your contact lenses. I do understand that emergencies do happen, but it shouldn’t be something you are doing all the time. Take a look at the shipping options below.

  • Standard – $5.99 (Free over $99) – Arrives in 5-7 business days
  • Expedited – $8.99 – Arrives in 3-4 business days
  • Overnight – $19.99 – Arrives in 1 business day

Discount Contact Lenses does ship internationally and covers nearly 100 countries, the international shipping rates are as follow.

  • International Standard – $14.99 – Arrives in 14-21 days
  • International Expedited – $34.99 – Arrives in 5-12 business days

Return Policy & Customer Service

Discount Contact Lenses has one of the most customer-oriented return policies available out there. For whatever reason customers in the U.S. can return items up to 365 days from the day that your order gets shipped out. Whether its because you don’t like the color, or just not satisfied with the product, you can return it within that time. This is one of the more generous return policies available out there, especially considering that some retailers such as Coastal only allow 30 days for returns.

Keep in mind that any specialty, or custom made contact lenses such as RGP are not eligible for return unless those items are defective. Defective lenses from certain manufacturers

If you have any issues with your order or have any questions you can reach their customer service department by phone, email or chat. They are available Monday – Friday 8 am to 8 pm EST, Saturday 9 am to 5:30 pm EST, and Sunday 12 pm to 7 pm EST.

Price Match Guarantee

This is where they stand out from the crowd. Like their sister company AC Lens, Discount Contact Lenses provides one of the best price match guarantees available out there. They will not only match their competitor’s price, but they will beat that price by 5%.

Requesting your price match is easy, you can either leave the link to the lower price in the comments field when you are ordering, or you can contact their customer service team to get your price match within 7 days of your order date. Of course, there are a few guidelines that you have to follow. The retailer you are price matching must have the item in stock and if you are price matching multi-box discounts, you must be purchasing the minimum quantity to get the discount.


Discount Contact Lenses is definitely a great place to purchase your prescription contact lenses and any accessories that you may need.. With a great selection of brands at affordable prices and a decent selection of solutions and drops, you are sure to be able to find everything you need here at Discount Contact Lenses.

And there’s no need to be concerned about them not being a legitimate company. Since they are a sister company to AC Lens, the funny thing is that when I compared the prices at Discount Contact Lenses to AC lens they were exactly the same. Compared to their sister company, they don’t carry certain accessories such as swimming goggles, and protective eyewear, but there is another sister company for that called Discount Glasses.

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Return Policy





  • Lowest Price For Many Brands
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Great Selection


  • Free Shipping Minimum Purchase is $99

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