Lens.com Review 2020

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Lens.com is one of the leading online retailers for contact lenses, and one of the older retailers out there. They were founded in 1995 and is a New Orleans-based contact lens retailer that offers one of the best, if not the best selections of contact lenses than any other retailer.

Along with that they also have outstanding customer service, great pricing, and a no-hassle return policy. Let’s take a look at all they have to offer.

Lens.com Review

Lens.com Homepage

As with any reputable online retailer that sells contact lenses, you will need to have a current prescription to be able to purchase your contact lenses from Lens.com. Contact lens prescriptions are generally valid for a year, but if your prescription is expired that’s no problem. One of the services that Lens.com offers is the ability for you to renew your prescription online.

Online prescription renewal

Similar to the service offered over at Lens Direct, you would take an online test, the doctor’s at Lens.com will review your test, and you will receive an updated valid prescription. Not everyone can review their prescription online however, there are age and prescription range requirements. If your prescription is strong you will still need to visit your eye doctor for an updated prescription. You can find the full list of the requirements to be able to do your prescription renewal online here.

Looking for your contacts

Once you have your prescription all you would have to do is search to find your contact lens brand. Lens.com has a few different ways for you to search for your find. Right on the home page, there is a “Find Your Brand” button which will lead you to a page that has every contact lens brand they carry in alphabetical order.

Otherwise, if you want to narrow it down by brand, on the home page most of the popular brands are listed by their logos such as Acuvue, Air Optix. Biofinity, Dailies, Frequency, Freshlook, and much more. Finding your specific brand and clicking it will give you a narrowed down list of only the contacts that brand offers.

Special Effects, Cosplay & Novelty Colored Contacts

Lens.com Special Effects Contacts

One of the hidden gems at Lens.com is their selection of special effects contact lenses. They carry a wide range of various different colors, shapes, and designs. They even carry the much larger scleral lenses which cover your entire eye.

As a matter of fact, these are FDA approved costume lenses and are the same type of special effects contact lenses that are used in Hollywood movie sets. You will find all types of colored lenses ranging from some that have been inspired by the movies such as Darth Maul, to scary teeth eyes. Whether you are looking to complete your costume or Halloween or trying to perfect that cosplay outfit for the next convention, you are sure to find the lenses you need here.

Colored Contact Lenses

If you are looking for these types of lenses, this is the only place I can recommend to purchase them from. You will need to have a current contact lens prescription to purchase the novelty lenses from Lens.com. I understand needing a prescription is an additional hassle, but novelty contacts that you can find at your local swap meet, or costume store that you can purchase without a prescription are not FDA approved and studies have found that some may even contact bacteria that can cause a serious infection. You can check out the entire collection of special effects contact lenses here. 

Shipping Cost & Time

Unlike many other online retailers, Lens.com does not offer free shipping for their contact lenses. Not even conditionally if you purchase over a certain amount. This is definitely unfortunate as paying for shipping drives up the cost of your contact lenses if you find cheaper contact lenses but then turn around and pay for shipping it almost beats the purpose.

Lens.com offers standard shipping for $7.95 which takes about 5-7 business days to arrives which is in line with the standard shipping of most other online retailers. Expedited and Next Day shipping is available if you need your contact lenses urgently.

Lens.com does service customers worldwide and international shipping is available.

Return Policy & Customer Service

This is where Lens.com outshines almost everyone else, they have a hassle-free return policy in which there is no time limit in which you can return your contact lenses. Yep, you read that right, if you have contact lenses that are unopened, and unexpired you can return them at any time. The best part about it is that they even cover the cost of the return shipping for your contact lenses.

All you would have to do is give their customer service department a call which is available 24/7. If you are like me and do not like talking on the phone then you can also use their chat function or send them an email which also is available 24/7.

Price Match Guarantee

Unlike many other online retailers, Lens.com does not price match. They do offer some of the best prices out there so many times you may not even have to do a price match. There are plenty of other retailers that offer very competitive price matching policies if that is something you are looking for.


Lens.com is definitely a place worth taking a peek into if you are looking to purchase prescription contact lenses. They have one of the best selection of contacts, and the only place you can find FDA approved special effects contact lenses.

They don’t offer too much as far as solutions, drops or accessories so those things will need to be purchased elsewhere.

Have you purchased from Lens.com before? I would love to hear from you, drop a comment below!

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Return Policy





  • Competitive Pricing
  • FDA Approved Special Effects/Halloween Contacts
  • Online Prescription Renewal


  • Does Not Price Match
  • No Free Shipping

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  1. You don’t just buy contacts at Lens.com but you get to play games as well. Rather than just charge a flat rate for the product, they overcharge you to begin with then ask you to jump through various hoops in order to get the money back. It’s a long process that drags out over many months. It’s tiring, frustrating and just plain silly. If you have time to waste, I suppose that it is an option. If not, find another provider.


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