ReadeREST Blue Light Reading Glasses Review

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Most of us are guilty of having late nights scrolling through social media or binge-watching our favorite show on Netflix. This is after a long day in which you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time looking at some sort of other digital devices such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The blue light that emits from these devices could have a negative impact on your circadian rhythm, which is your internal sleep/wake clock that lets your body know when it is time to head to bed. It is thought that blue-light disrupts your ability to sleep more so than any other color due to it blocking a hormone called melatonin, which is the hormone that makes you feel sleepy.

ReadeREST Blue Light Reading Glasses Review

If you are someone who wears reading glasses you may have heard of the brand ReadeREST before. They manufacture those magnetic clips that allow you to hang your reading glasses without them falling, keeping them from getting lost or damaged. These clips were actually featured on Shark Tank way back in season 3.Readerest blue light reading glasses

Recently, they introduced a line of stylish and quite affordable reading glasses that also filters out blue light. These glasses also come included with an anti-reflective coating to help reduce any glare you are experiencing as well as full UVA and UVB protection.

One aspect that I did like about their collection of reading glasses was that the designs are definitely more stylish compared to the usual reading glasses that you may find at your local retail store. These glasses look more like your typical prescription glasses than reading glasses.

ReadeREST Reading Glasses

The folks over at ReadeRest was able to send over to me one a pair of their blue light blocking reading glasses for me to check out free of charge so I could give a thorough review of the glasses.

Thankfully, I have not gotten to the age where presbyopia has settled in and I need reading glasses to help me focus on things up close so I requested that they sent me one of the pairs that have zero magnification power. I also asked for the Urban Smoke frame specifically as it seemed to be your standard rectangular frame.

The glasses come packed in a small compact little box that has the frame model and power on the side. The box slides out easily from the middle to reveal the glasses themselves.grey rectangular reading glasses

The frames themselves feel fairly sturdy and comes with spring hinges in the temple arms which generally adds a bit flexibility to your glasses so they don’t bend or break. The screws for the temple arms are screwed into plastic tabs to hold the arms in place, which can be hard to say how well they would hold up over time.

The anti-reflective coating on the lenses themselves do give off a slight blueish tint and the lens does have a slight yellow tint but not a very noticeable yellow tint. It is definitely a lot less noticeable compared to other blue light filtering glasses available out there.

There is a scratch-resistant coating that is applied to the front and back surface of the glasses to help reduce the number of scratches you would get. Keep in mind that it is scratch-resistant and not scratch-proof so you still have to take care of them to a certain extend.

Power Strength Ranges

These are reading glasses so they do come available in a range of power strengths you can pick from. These glasses are non-prescription reading glasses and do not require a prescription from your doctor to purchase. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go get your routine comprehensive eye exam just to ensure the health of your eyes are in tip-top shape but these reading glasses could get you by in a pinch.

ReadeREST reading glasses are available from Zero Power all the way up to a +3.00. This is pretty standard and generally the highest strength you will find over-the-counter without a prescription for most places.

ReadeREST Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

After wearing the glasses for an entire workday using my contact lenses with the zero power ReadeREST I thought they worked great. They kept my eyes from feeling so strained after a long workday and felt quite similar to my normal prescription blue light blocking glasses.

As I mentioned the lens did have a slight yellow tint which I didn’t mind too much but it could be a problem if you are a graphics designer and need to see everything in true color. Hopefully, in the future, ReadeREST could come up with lenses that have virtually no tint for this specific reason. You can see the slight yellow tint in the photo.

The anti-reflective coating did help with the glare from my computer monitors and helped keep the text on my screen look sharp and crisp.

It is all worth noting that my eyes tend to perform really bad when looking at digital devices for extended periods of time while wearing my contact lenses but I didn’t have any issues during my test. I was really consistent about using rewetting drops throughout the day to keep them moist though.

This of course could all just be a placebo effect, but at the same time, this isn’t my first pair of blue light blocking glasses. And I am definitely one of those people that feels the effect of extended time in front of screens and blue light blocking glasses has been a lifesaver for me.

ReadeREST Warranty

One of the great things about products that are purchased from ReadeREST is that they are all covered under their Life-Time Warranty that applies to any of the physical products that are purchased from them.

This warranty covers any defects in the materials or workmanship of the product under normal wear and usage. This warranty is guaranteed as long as the company is still operating and they will replace your products at no charge to you.

Where To Buy ReadeREST Reading Glasses

If you were interested in a pair of ReadeREST blue light reading glasses there are a couple of places where you could purchase these readers.

The first place you can find these readers is on ReadeREST’s official website. Of course, whenever you buy anything from a companies official website you could take advantage of any promotions that are running just like the current 20% off if you spend $75. If you were looking to purchase a few pairs of reading glasses to leave a different places such as one at work, one at home, one at the computer desk, etc. They also sell those magnetic reading glass holders on their website as well, which I have found to be a great little gift for anyone that wears reading glasses. You don’t even need to limit yourself to people that wear reading glasses, these magnetic clips are also great for anyone that is required to wear a badge for work and is great for that as well. You can find all the different colors and designs of the magnetic clips on this page.

The other place where you could find ReadeREST reading glasses is through their Amazon store. As I always mention, the main benefit of ordering things through Amazon is to take advantage of their free 1 or 2-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime. If you are one of the few people that do not have Amazon Prime, you could get a free 30-day trial to try it out and get that free fast shipping.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a pair of reading glasses that also filters out blue-light and is affordable, these reading glasses by ReadeREST could be a great option. The lifetime warranty that comes with all ReadeREST products make these reading glasses one of the most bang-for-your-buck pair of reading glasses since you could get a replacement if something like the hinge happens to fail on you, most other reading glasses would just head to the trash once they broke.

gray rectangular reading glasses

Have you ever used any products from ReadeREST? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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  1. Hello Huy, you’re very right when you said people stay up to press phone at night and it’s just the truth about the whoole thing. Most eye issue happens as a result of lack of proper care of the eyes and late-night readings and bad lighting leads to it a lot. This ReadeREST Blue Light Reading Glasses weld save us all from these eye issues. Cheers

  2. The glasses are beautiful and very useful to me personally ,they are not nedeed at the moment ,but i will recommend them to some friends.I”m just wondering if they are less harmful than ordinary ones that do not reflect blue light ?Thanks in advance ! Best regards to you 🙂 

  3. I have used and purchased both readerrest eyeglass holders and reading glasses. About two Montes ago one pair of reading glasses frame cracked. I have tried reaching customer support three times and tried emailing Lori Geanier’s site once. Their website provides no phone number to reach support – only an email address.
    No response from anyone.
    I would NOT recommend dealing with this company based upon their total lack of support.


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