Best Place to Buy Cheap Air Optix Contacts Online 2018 – Money Saving Guide

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Air Optix is the flagship brand of contact lenses for Alcon, who is a Swiss-based global medical products company. Alcon was founded in 1945 in Texas, a company that was originally started as a small pharmacy. Since then they have grown to become a leader in the contact lens industry.

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The Air Optix brand of contact lenses is made of a high-performance proprietary silicone hydrogel material that has a unique structure which allows the flow of oxygen through the contact lenses. Their SmartShield Technology helps reduce the amount of build up of deposits such as proteins and lipids.

Air Optix Contacts Online

But, your not here to find out about how great these contact lenses are, you are looking for the best prices.

If you are in a rush the best prices for Air Optix Aqua and Air Optix Hydraglyde is at EZContacts, Air Optix for Astigmatism at Lens Direct, Air Optix Color at Frames Direct, and Air Optix Night & Day and Air Optix Multifocal at

The costs associated with using contact lenses can be expensive since you constantly have to purchase them. Take a look at the chart below of the annual cost of wearing Air Optix brand contact lenses. The numbers are based on the retail price of the contacts at our local Walmart Vision Center.

Annual Cost for Air Optix ContactsThere are various different ways you can save money on contact lenses such as promotions, and rebates. At times you might be able to get a good deal if you buy in bulk. Below I have listed the best place for you to buy Air Optix contact lenses depending on which type of Air Optix you are wearing.

1. EZContacts | Best for Air Optix Aqua & Air Optix Hydraglyde

EZContacts HomepageVisit Website Button for EZContactsIt is no surprise here that EZContact holds the best price for two of the Air Optix Brand contact lenses. Although EZContacts is considered one of the newer online retailers (Founded in 2005), with 13 years under their belt this New York-based company is disrupting the industry with their great prices. They offer not only contact lenses on their website but also designer eyewear. They also have a great price match guarantee in which they will beat any competitor’s price by 5%.



EZContacts had the cheapest price for the Air Optix Aqua lenses at $31.95 a box, and the Air Optix Hydraglyde at $33.95 a box.



EZContacts For Presciption Designer Glasses

2. Lens Direct | Best for Air Optix Astigmatism (Toric)

Lens Direct HomepageVisit Website Button for Lens DirectLens Direct is another New York-based company that is a market leading retailer for contact lenses. Their company started out as a mail contact lens service and quickly evolved into the giant online retailer they are today. Although they only had the best price for the Air Optix Astigmatism, Lens Direct has a subscription service, that would bring the prices of their contact lenses down even more. Which means if you sign up for the subscription services, there is the chance that other Air Optix brands are going to be the cheapest at Lens Direct. For this article, we only took their retail value, in which Air Optix Astigmatism is the only one they are the cheapest on,



Lens Direct had the cheapest price for the Air Optix Astigmatism (Toric) lenses at $48.71 a box.


3. Frames Direct | Best for Air Optix Color

Frames Direct

Visit Website Button for Frames DirectDon’t let the name fool you, this Texas-based online retailer is a market leading retailer for prescription eyewear. They came up as the second best price for many of the different Air Optix brands but was only the cheapest for the Air Optix Color lenses. They do also have bulk buy deals if you buy an annual supply, even though it doesn’t apply to the Air Optix Colors, if you are looking for the other Air Optix lenses it would be worth taking a look at how much you could save if you were to buy in bulk from Frames Direct.


Frames Direct had the cheapest price for the Air Optix Color lenses at $70.99.

4. | Best for Air Optix Night & Day and Air Optix Multifocal HomepageVisit Website Button for is one of the first online contact lens retailers on the internet. They have a huge selection of prescription contact lenses, and could even get your prescription cosmetic contact lenses. They had the cheapest price for both the Air Optix Night & Day, as well as the Air Optix Multifocal lenses. They are listed down here at 4th due to those prices being a very low price, and it could just be a short promotion. Never the less as of the time this article was written, they have the best prices for those two. had the cheapest price for the Air Optix Night & Days at $43.95 a box, and the Air Optix Multifocal at $54.99 a box.


Most Expensive Retailers for Air Optix Contacts

  • Eyeconic – There seems to be a trend here with Eyeconic, they seem to have the most expensive prices for nearly all contact lens brands. The only true benefit that you may get if you decide to go with Eyeconic is the fact that they are an official VSP Vision Care website, and if you have VSP, MetLife, or Cigna Vision as your vision insurance, you are able to apply it directly to your order on the website. Which means less money out of your pocket from the beginning. Learn more about using your insurance benefits online here!
  • 1800Contacts1800Contacts had the 2nd most expensive price for all of the Air Optix brand contact lenses. They do however have a good price match guarantee and will beat authorized competitor’s prices by 2%. They do not price match everyone though, so make sure the website you are trying to price match is approved by them.

Why you should purchase your contacts online

The price comparison between purchasing your contacts at a local retailer and online is quite different. Many times you will be able to save $15-20 on each box compared to local big-box retailers, and sometimes $20-$40 compared to local private optometry offices.

The only places where you are able to find your contact lenses at a very good price locally is either at the Costco Warehouse or at Sam’s Club. Both of which are membership clubs so they are worth checking out if you have a membership. Even then you still will find it cheaper on the internet.

Before you finalize your order

Before you finalize and submit your online contact lens order, be sure to keep a few things in mind to be sure that you are saving as much money as you possibly could on your contact lenses.

  • Did you shop around? – Many retailers run different promotions at different times, therefore, it might be worth checking around to see maybe the Air Optex brand you are wearing might be on sale.
  • Look for rebates – If you are purchasing a large amount such as a 6-months supply or an annual supply be sure to look and see if any retailers have rebates. Some retailers have savings when you buy over a certain amount and sometimes the additional savings will bring the price down below even the cheapest retailer.
  • Check with your insurance – If you have vision insurance, be sure to check and see if you have any benefits that you could apply to your contacts. If you could apply your insurance benefits that would be less money out of your pocket. Also if you have an FSA or HSA card that is affiliated with Visa or MasterCard many online retailers let you use them to purchase your contact lenses so you wouldn’t have to spend money out of your own pocket.
  • Check with your doctor – If there was a different brand of contact lenses that you might want to try, be sure to check with your doctor’s office. They are the only ones that would be able to let you know if you can wear a different brand, as well as prescribe you a different brand.
  • Look at the fine print – Make sure you looked at the prices closely, some online retailer use deceptive marketing tactics and show you a low price, but in reality, you have to purchase over a certain amount to get that low price.


The prices of contact lenses are constantly changing, be sure to check around to find the best prices. With so many big-box retailers and private doctors offices making huge profits with markups this has created a great marketplace online for contact lenses with many retailers competing for the best prices. The fight for having the lowest price means better savings and more deals for you.

Where do you currently buy your Air Optix contact lenses? Is it cheaper than the place we have listed? Let us know below! As always thank you for stopping by at Eye Health Headquarters, if you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.





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