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Walgreens sells contacts? Yes, as a matter of fact, they do, and sometimes you can find some great deals from Walgreens. To be honest, it wasn’t until recently that we noticed Walgreens sold contact lenses. We all know Walgreens as one of the largest chain drug stores operating in the United States, and they don’t sell contact lenses in-store at 99% of their locations.

So is it worth it to buy your contact lenses from this pharmacy giant? We took a look into when they started selling contact lenses, and how their prices stack up against the rest of the market to see if it’s worth it to order contacts at Walgreens.

Order Contacts At Walgreens

After digging around for a bit, it appears that Walgreens first entered the online contact lens sales world back in 2011 when they acquired and its affiliates. Within those affiliates was a website called (If you try to go there you’re going to be redirected to Walgreens). was a website that sold contact lenses. Walgreens operated that website all the way up until 2017 when it shut down, well not exactly it just redirects onto Walgreens website.

Just last year Walgreens started a pilot of Walgreens optical centers where you are able to get eye exams and purchase eyewear at Walgreens locations. If those pilots are successful, you might be seeing a Walgreen Optical coming near you in the future.

What kind of contact lenses does Walgreens carry?

Walgreens Selection

Walgreens carries the most popular types of contact lenses including Daily Disposables, Multifocal, Torics, as well as colored contact lenses. From those types of contact lenses, they offer most of the top brands which include Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity, Dailies, and much more.

How is the pricing?

Compared to most online retailers, Walgreens is on the more expensive side of the pricing spectrum. When comparing retail prices with other online retailers for contact lenses, Walgreens is consistently in the top 3 for worse pricing.

BUT, Walgreens often times runs promotions that help bring down the pricing of the contact lenses by a substantial amount. For example currently running until the end of the year is a 20% off promo code is offered by Walgreens.

If you consider the prices of the contact lenses after the 20% off that is currently being offered by Walgreens, it would make Walgreens go from being one of the worse prices for contact lenses, up to being one of the best places to purchase your contact lenses. The fact that they are a trustworthy large chain is an added bonus.

Walgreens Contact Lenses Promo Code

Of course with anything online we are constantly looking for coupon and promo codes to see if we could save a bit of extra money. Luckily for you, I do have a promo code you can use to save money on your contact lenses today.

CLICK HERE AND USE PROMO CODE: DEAL20 to save 20% off your contacts at Walgreens today!

How to order your contact lenses from Walgreens

Walgreens ordering steps

Walgreens has their website set up quite simple for contact lens orders. You simply find the brand of contact lenses that you wear, enter in your prescription along with doctor’s information, and Walgreens will take care of the rest. Quick painless and easy process. Walgreens offers free shipping on all their orders within the U.S. so that is an added bonus.

Does Walgreens Accept Vision Insurance?

Walgreens does not directly bill with your vision insurance provider, however, you may request an invoice to submit to your vision insurance provider for reimbursement If you have Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA and you have a card that is affiliated with Visa or MasterCard you would be able to use that card to purchase your contact lenses from Walgreens just as you would any regular credit card.

Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

If you have never worn contact lenses before, there are many benefits to wearing them. This is especially true for individuals who are more active and want the freedom of not having to worry about their glasses falling off. But that is only one of many benefits of wearing contact lenses over glasses. Let’s take a look at some more.

  • Non-Prescription Sunglasses – One of the hugest drawbacks for anyone that needs prescription glasses to be able to see, is that you can’t just pick up any pair of sunglasses and wear them because you can’t see out of them. With contact lenses, you have the ability to wear any pair of sunglasses you want. Eyes
  • Better Peripheral Vision – When you wear contact lenses instead of glasses you have a much better peripheral vision as you are not limited only to where your lenses are. This is great for anyone who plays a sport and needs their entire field of vision to safely play.
  • No Fogged up glasses – This is a problem for many eyeglass wearers. If you wear your glasses while you are working out you might know the feeling. Whenever you are active and start sweating, oftentimes your lenses might start fogging u, especially if it is cold out.
  • No Reflections – Even if you purchase the best anti-reflective coating there is on the market, there is still some reflections on your lenses to a certain extent. Wearing contact lenses eliminates that issue altogether.
  • Doesn’t interfere with Headgear – When you are wearing contacts, you don’t have to worry about if whether or not your glasses are going to be able to fit underneath a helmet or any other headgear you may be wearing.
  • Elements – If the weather is going to be bad outside you can wear contact lenses and not have to worry about the elements such and rain and snow getting on your lenses.

How Often Do You Replace Contact Lenses?

It is important to follow the recommended wearing schedule that your doctor provides you. You might run into a situation where your doctor may have you change your contact lenses out more frequently than what the brand manufacturer recommends. Whenever you wear contact lenses they naturally accumulate build-up from calcium and protein deposits over time, the more build-up on your contact lenses the less oxygen getting through to your eyes. Some individuals might have more protein and calcium build-up than usual and may have to change your contact lenses out more frequently.

The more frequently you change out your contact lenses you reduce the risk of any contact lens-related complications. The Majority of contact lenses on the market today come in one fo the following three changing frequencies.

  • Daily Disposable – These are exactly like how the name makes it sound. You put these on in the morning to start your day, take them off at the end of your day, and throw them away.
  • Bi-Weekly Disposable – With these lenses you would be changing them out every two weeks. You would normally put on your contact lenses in to start your day, and take them off in the evening and store them in a case for the night for two weeks.
  • Monthly Disposable – With these you would change them out every month. You would putting them on and taking them off and storing them just like you would the bi-weekly lenses, but instead of replacing them every two weeks, you replace them every month.

If you are wearing Bi-weekly or Monthly disposable lenses, you might want to take a note of the date you put in your new lens on your smartphone calendar or write it down somewhere so you remember when to change out your contacts. Your contact lenses do not necessarily need to start feeling uncomfortable for you to need to change them.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy While Wearing Contact Lenses

In order to get the most of out your contact lenses and have them feeling the best in your eyes while you are wearing them, it is important to properly care for your contact lenses. Caring for your contacts properly will help ensure they last the entire duration you are supposed to be able to wear them for and avoid having to change your contact lenses out before the recommended changing frequency. Not following the proper care and handling practices for your contact lenses could have more serious consequences such as increasing your risk of getting an eye infection. Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can get the most out of your contact lenses and keep away those unwanted eye infections.Washing Hands

  • Always Wash Your Hands – Washing your hands should ALWAYS be the first thing that you do before you handle your contact lenses. A step that is often forgotten, but is very important as any contaminants that are on your hands has the potential to be transferred on over to your contact lenses when you handle them. Always use a lint-free towel to dry your hands after you wash them.
  • Use Recommended Solution – If you are going to be using contact lens solution to store or rewet your contact lenses, it is recommended to use the solution that your doctor recommends. If you want to change contact lens solutions always be sure to check to be sure that the contact lens solution is approved for your type of contact lenses. Never use your saliva, or tap water to rewet or store your lenses. Tap water and saliva contain bacteria that can easily be transferred over to your contact lenses.
  • Don’t Go in Water With Contacts – Doing activities such as swimming, jumping in the jacuzzi, or any other watersport should not be combined with contact lenses. Pools, Lakes, and Jacuzzis have bacteria which can be trapped into your contact lenses and could lead to serious eye complications.
  • Reduce Wearing Time – The Less you wear your contact lenses, the better for your eyes. It is always good to have a backup pair of glasses to give your eyes a break whenever they need it. For example, if you going to spend time around the house on your day off, you could just wear your glasses instead of your contacts for the day.
  • Get Help – If you feel any discomfort in your eyes, redness, sensitivity to light, or any changes to your vision, stop using your contact lens immediately and contact your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Even though Walgreen’s retail price for contact lenses might be on the more expensive side, they often run great promo code such as the 20% off that they are running right now. These promo codes along with Walgreens being a trusted brand make them a great place to purchase your prescription contact lenses. So if you already have a prescription, head over to Walgreens website and take advantage of that 20% off before it expires on 12/.31/2018.

Where do you currently purchase your contact lenses? Did you know Walgreens sold contact lenses? Let me know below! If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave it below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.





21 thoughts on “Buy Affordable Contact Lenses At Walgreens”

  1. Lots of benefits to wearing contacts, but I had no idea you could buy them online at Walgreens. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even been on their site until now. If I hadn’t come across this post, I nevver would have realized that it was a possibility that is affordable. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    • Hi Genesis, Yes you sure can get contact lenses at Walgreens. Don’t worry your not alone, there are plenty of people that do not know Walgreens sells contacts, they don’t exactly advertise it openly at their locations either. But they are a great place to check for promotions as they often run sales. 

  2. Hi! Thank you for posting such valuable reviews. 

    I have been wearing lenses in the past and had to stop because my eyes were unable to accomodate any longer. Wearing multifocal glasses for far and near now. Two pairs. 

    Just wondering if multifocal lenses exist? And if so, would you recommend them. 

    • Hi! Multifocal contact lenses most definitely do exist, you would have to talk to your eye doctor if you were interested in wearing them as they are the only ones that would be able to tell you if you can or can’t wear them.

  3. Well, we don’t have a Walgreens in Canada so I’m assuming you are from the US and your coupon does nothing for a lot of people who don’t live in the US

    It is good to see them selling them.  I don’t need glasses or contacts buy my wife orders them.  I think she has monthly contacts.  I’m pretty sure

  4. I don’t use contact lens, because I don’t need it yet. But I always wondered on why some people use contacts and others don’t. One of the theories I’ve heard is that contacts makes their eyes irritated or they are scared that the lens won’t place well in their eyes. Or that it might break or get damaged. Some of my friends have also said that contacts is bad for long term eye vision. 

    Now again, I don’t know because I don’t use it yet. But what is your take on this? Why do some people not prefer contacts when clearly on paper it seems like the way to go?

    • Hi Parmi that is a great question. For me personally, I used contacts when I was in high school and played sports. But as I got older and my schedule got busier I just got tired of waking up in the morning putting them on, cleaning the case, and taking them off at night. It just became a hassle to me, other people might not be able to wear contacts because they might have dry eyes and their doctor won’t let them wear contacts. It has its pros and cons depending on who you ask.

  5. thanks for the helpful info. My wife wears contacts and I think she orders here’s from where she bought her glasses, so I’m assuming Walgreens is probably going to be less or about same price for what she’s already paying.

    I like that they have special promos once and a while, and that you can order them quickly and easily online.

    Do you know when these promos usually occur, or are they just random?

  6. I love the fact that you get to provide only the information prescribed by your doctor. This is one great security measure implemented by Walgreens. And they also request doctors’ information for verification. Very professional, It seems these guys have every reason to be expensive.

    By the way, what are the conditions for orders not generated inside the USA? I love the fact that you can wear your sunglasses with no fear of losing vision. I’ve never worn contact lenses before, but I always wonder how safe it is for the eyes in the long run. Because during the time you wear it, no oxygen to your eyes.

    Thanks for introducing Wlagreens. I’ve bookmarked this page for future reference

    • Hi there! unfortunately I do not believe that Walgreens currently ships outside the USA. If you take a look at our article on “best places to buy contact lenses” you can find a couple of online retailers that do ship internationally. 

      Contact lenses designed today have fairly high oxygen permeability, so as long as you are wearing your contact lenses according to your doctor’s recommendation you should have no issues. 

  7. I’m hoping those optical centers succeed because I’m definitely going to need an eye exam done in the near future. I already go to them for my prescription medication so it would be nice to have my optical needs covered there as well. Currently, everyone in my immediate family wears contacts so I’ll have them to use that promo code for sure.  

    • We hope they succeed too! There is definitely room for more optical retailers out there to diversify the selection of eyewear. We are glad you found the post helpful!

  8. I have also been using contact lenses for several years and I am completely satisfied with them. I could not use glasses all the time. I agree with you that they are so much comfortable for sports or in daily life. I haven’t heard that they are sold at Walgreens, now I saved this coupon and will surely check back sometimes to see if they have anything similar.

    Do you think they will sell other types as well?

    • Hi Kisumu, they well many different major brands of contact lenses. Depending on which brand you are prescribed, more then likely they have them available.

  9. Hi, I don’t actually wear contacts, though I would love to, but it is not recommended by my optometrist. However, my husband does wear contacts and it would be interesting to see what kind of deal he could find at Walgreens. We are Canadian and our prices on glasses are generally much cheaper in the US, so I bet this would be true for contacts.

    We generally save 1/2 to 1/3 for eye wear when buying at in the USA. The other thing I find is there is so much for style in frames though that would not come into play with contact lenses. My husband and I just had out eye exams the other day, I will have to bring this to his attention. Have you personally tried the contacts?


    • Hi there, we have not personally tried all the contacts, but Walgreens sells all major brands of contact lenses, so they are definitely high quality contacts if that is what your wondering.

  10. I am not a contact lens person as my eyes are always a very sensitive issue. I do wear glasses however. I don’t know if contacts have progressed to the point that everyone can wear them. My eye Dr told me about 10 years ago that contacts could not match my perscription as I needed tri-focals and contacts could not accomidate me. The article indicates a lot of progression has taken place and things have developed to make it more accomadating for all. I find it a little strange that Walgreens would be selling contacts. I thought vision was a bit much for a chain to get involved with. I always thought my eyesight was to important to get it fixed at the local drug store. This website corrects my antiquated thoughts on this subject. I didn’t read anything about getting examined and a perscription prescribed that would fit certain individuals. It almost indicated to me anyhow, one size fits all. I may have missed something in the article that would prove me wrong. I thought the website was well constructed, touched on all the important points, commenting on all the different types and did include pricing although not an exact dollar amount, which I know is next to impossible. Does Walgreen have a certain period when they offer a 20% discount, or is it ongoing?  Are there other competing outlets such as Costco, Sams Club, Target and Rite-Aid pharmacy offering contacts too?

    • Hi there! Alright, where do I start. Contact lenses have come a long ways since 10 years ago. They do have different offerings as far as multifocals in contact lenses. It would be a great question for your doctor at your next eye exam. 

      The 20% seems to be going on until the end of the year, after that we are not too sure.

      Of course, all of those places have optical centers. except for Rite Aid (Who recently was purchased by Walgreens). Many big box retailers such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart all have optical centers where you can actually go in, have a visit with an eye doctor and get your prescription right there as well.

  11. Sadly, Canada does not have Walgreens, so I will not be able to purchase anything from the top 3 worst priced store lol…That was actually pretty funny to read.

    I do have terrible vision though and would love to be able to wear contacts rather than my glasses.  But I have been told but a few opthamologists that I can’t wear contacts or get laser eye surgery (can’t remember which one) because I have a stigmatism.  Maybe you can weigh in on this since you’re a professional in the field.

    • Hi Nicki, there are contact lenses available gor astigmatism, but it will be ultimately your doctor that lets you know if you can wear them or not. As far as laser surgury, it is my understanding that if you have high astigmatism laser surgery might not be an option.


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