Cosmetic Halloween Contact Lenses – 9 Safety Tips & Where to Buy Online

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With Halloween just right around the corner, the topic of cosmetic Halloween contact lenses starts to come up. Cosmetic contact lenses are often called Plano lenses, or non-prescription contacts, and can change your eye color to virtually any color.

Cosmetic Halloween Contact Lenses

These contact lenses can be widely found online but can be also be purchased without a prescription at beach shops, tattoo parlors, convenience stores, and other nonprofessional retail locations.

While these contact lenses can be cool, and give you that look you’re trying to achieve it is important to know that although these contact lenses are cosmetic contact lenses, they are still going on your eye. This means you should be using the same safety precautions as any other contact lens wearer. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you safely wear your cosmetic contact lenses.

Does it really matter?

Yes, it really does matter, there have been many cases across the globe where people have nearly lost their eyesight as a result of improper use of contact lenses.

I myself, am guilty of improper use of contact lenses when I was in my teenage years. I overwore some contact lenses, got an eye infection and never did it again. I can tell you that wasn’t a great experience.

Let’s take a look at some tips for properly wearing your contact lenses so you don’t have to experience what I experienced.


  • Wash Hands – Always remember to wash your hands before handling your contact lenses. Any contaminants that are on your hands potentially could be transferred over to the contact lenses.
  • Keep Them Clean – Clean and disinfect your contact lenses with the proper solution and according to the instructions
  • Proper Storage – Always store your contact lenses in a clean storage case
  • Use Correct Solution – Make sure to store and clean your contact lenses in a solution designed and approved for your contact lenses. DO NOT USE WATER.
  • Shorten Wearing Time – Wear the contact lenses for the least amount of time possible. This is especially true for cosmetic contact lenses, you really don’t know how well made they are. Prescription contact lenses are designed with high-quality materials with high oxygen permeability so your eyes could breathe. The quality of the cosmetic lenses can be questionable.
  • Do Not Sleep In Them – Do not sleep in cosmetic contact lenses. Those lenses are not designed for you to sleep in, and sleeping in them could lead to hypoxia where your cornea does not get enough oxygen.
  • Do Not Share – Never share your contact lenses with your friends or family members.
  • Do Not Swim – Swimming with contact lenses is a big no-no. Swimming with your contact lenses could lead to very serious eye infections.
  • Makeup – Use hypoallergenic make-up. Make sure you put your contact lenses into your eyes before putting on makeup.

If you have never put on a contact lens in and you are wondering how to, check out this video from Ciba Vision on how to put in contacts.

What are the risks?

If you are following all the right precautions when you are wearing your contact lenses they are relatively safe, but that doesn’t mean that complications might not arise. Problems that could arise are:

  • Corneal Ulcers – These can occur from things such as a direct injury to the eye, but it can also occur from bacterial, fungal, or viral infections that happen from the improper wearing of contact lenses.
  • Eye Pain – This could be caused by a number of different things from something as simple as overwearing your contact lenses to as extreme as a corneal abrasion.
  • Hypoxia – This happens when your cornea does not get enough oxygen. This is a common problem from overwearing your contact lenses.
  • Keratitis – This is when the front clear surface of your cornea gets inflamed. This is common in people who overwear their contact lenses or do not care for them properly.
  • Bacterial infections – You can get things such as conjunctivitis, or pink eye which is an irritation or inflammation of the conjunctiva.
  • Permanent Loss of Sight – While this is the worst-case scenario, it is still a risk.

If you experience any changes to your vision, redness, irritation or any pain seek medical attention immediately.

Where can you get high-quality cosmetic Halloween contact lenses?

If you do a quick search on the internet you will find many online retailers selling these Halloween contact lenses. You do not want to just get your Halloween contacts from any retailers though, remember contact lenses are technically considered medical devices in the U.S.

While the inexpensive prices of many of these online retailers might catch your eye, these contacts that are cheap are unregulated by the FDA and could be contaminated with bacteria, and various other toxins. This could increase the risks that I previously listed above.

Best Place to buy |

This actually is the only place on the internet where you can get cosmetic contact lenses that are FDA approved as safe.

WHO ARE THEY? has been around for quite some time. Founded in 1995 their mission is to provide you with the best way to purchase contact lenses. They wanted to be better than your eye doctor, better than any big box retailer, and better than any other website out there. They are a trusted leader of the industry and do not only carry Halloween contacts, but they carry prescription contact lenses are well.

What kind of Halloween lenses do they carry? actually has quite a selection of cosmetic Halloween contacts, they even have a neat infographic to help you decide on which Halloween contact lenses you should get. The amazing thing about is that you can actually get some of these Halloween contact lenses with a prescription as well. The power ranges depend on the lens design and go between +4.00 to -6.00. 

These contact lenses can range anywhere between $22 all the way up to $219 depending on which type of lenses you decide to end up going with. Let’s take a look at some of their Halloween contacts


Some of their most popular Halloween contact lenses include the Black Out which makes your entire pupil black. Alternatively, you can get the Black Sclera lens and make your entire eye black. The Red Vampire is a cool red looking lens that is popular. They also have the Rave brightly colored lenses as well. Among the popular lenses the one I found the most interesting was the Pokemon lens which is a Pokeball.

Popular Halloween Contact lenses

Anime & Fantasy

Next up they have a few anime and fantasy contact lenses. They really don’t have too much here, but Naruto fans will like that they have the Mangekyo.

Anime & Fantasy Halloween Contact LensesINSPIRED BY THE MOVIES

This is a cosplayer’s dream right here. They have some very awesome movie-inspired contact lenses such as the Darth Maul eyes, as well as the Palpatine eyes. The Avatar looks pretty amazing as well. If you’re a movie fan you might be able to match your favorite character all the way down to the eyes.

Movie Inspired Halloween Contact lensesSCARY LENSES

These are special effects lenses that can provide you with that scary, creepy look that you were going for. They have a couple of Mini Sclera lenses that look pretty creepy. The Zombified lens would be a perfect match for anyone looking to be a part of the undead for Halloween.

Scary Halloween Contact Lenses.SCLERAL LENSES

These are the most frightening looking special effect contact lenses that you will find out there. Scleral contact lenses are designed to cover your entire eye taking your scary look to the next level. There are some serious gems in this collection of contact lenses including the White Out lens, Jagged Teeth, Dracul, are all super frightening looking, and the Ichigo will make fans of the anime Bleach fairly happy.

Scleral Halloween Contact Lenses

View all lens designs at!


If you are looking for cosmetic Halloween contact lenses, there are only a few sources online where you can get trusted FDA approved contact lenses. While those contact lenses that are available on websites such as Amazon and eBay are tempting to get because they are cheap, those lenses might not be the best for your eyes can you could increase your risk of getting an eye infection.

It is better to be safe than risking the only two eyes that you have.

Do you have costume plans that could use cosmetic Halloween contacts to take it to the next level? Let me know about it below! As always thank you all for stopping by at Eye Health Headquarters and if you have any comments, or questions don’t hesitate to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.







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  1. Hi Huy, I had no idea there were so many different lenses on the market and so many cool looking ones. Thank you for pointing out all of the health and safety concerns. I will be sure to let those in my family who wear contacts know about your article so they are aware of how to look after their eyes.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for stopping by! Yes, the technology for contact lenses has come quite far so there are quite a bit of cosmetic designed ones to choose from. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. It seems like there are a lot of risks to using these lenses so making sure to use products that are approved through the right channels is a must. Thank you for sharing this information. My son is always wanting to use these! :-O

    • Hi Jessica, contact lenses are generally safe, but there can be some risk if the contacts are not purchased from the right channels. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’ve thought about wearing contact lenses, but I tried them years ago and could never get used to the way they felt in my eyes. I like that has FDA approved lenses. The halloween lenses are amazing.

    • Hi Kayla, yes is the only place on the internet where you can find FDA approved cosmetic contact lenses. Thanks for stopping by!


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