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Looking for a pair of reading glasses that have the correct power as well as a great fit at your local store can be a challenge. Most stores only carry a limited range of power and most of the time the frames are designed and made very poorly.

Thanks to the internet you no longer are limited to the selection of power ranges and frame styles that you can find at your local store. It has also brought to us many successful online eyewear retailers that are laser-focused on providing their customers with great value, large selections, and top notch customer service, one of those retailers is Keep on reading to find out why is my #1 recommended place and the best place to buy reading glasses online. Homepage was founded by Randy and Angie Stocklin in Greenwood, Indiana. What started as a home business has evolved into a company that carries over 600 unique styles of readers that are available in up to 14 different power options. Many of those powers you might have a hard time finding at your local stores.

One of the questions that I was asked often when I worked in optical retail was “Do you guys carry reading glasses stronger than +3.00?”. My store, along with pretty much every other store that carries reading glasses only had reading glasses with a power range up to +3.00. not only offers you more options when it comes to the power, they also offer a much larger selection of frames then you might find at your local store. This gives you the ability to find a frame that not only fits well but also a style that you can actually enjoy wearing. Glasses

They have hundreds of different styles of readers in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors if you have the time you can definitely look through all of the different frames they offer. However, if you are short on time has a great set of filters to help you narrow down your selection to make it easier to find the reading glasses that you need. After all, why would you want to see a frame in a size that doesn’t fit or a frame in a color that you don’t like?

But with the in-depth filters you don’t have to see any frames that you don’t like, at you can filter the readers by power, bifocals, frame shape, frame size, color, face shape, lens type, frame style, lens tint, frame height, frame material, temple length, bridge size, features, and ratings.

Out of all those filters, one that you should always select is the power. The reason is that not every single frame is available in all power ranges, therefore, it is best for you to select the power you are going to be looking for so you only see the frames that are available in that power. not only has the stronger powers that you may not be able to find in stores but they also have the lower powers such as +0.25 that you will never find in stores.

Along with the wide range of powers and styles, they have many types of lenses for you to pick from.

Lens Types

Lens Types

The lens type you ultimately decide to go with will be determined by how you plan on using your readers. If you are someone that does not mind taking off or looking over your readers you can stick with the traditional fully magnified readers. On the other hand, if you would like to keep your glasses on all day instead of having to take them off, then you might want to consider a bifocal or multifocal reader. gives you those options, take a look below for all your options.

  • Computer Readers – These readers are designed for individuals who spend extended time in front of a computer. They are made with an anti-reflective coating and a slight tint to help reduce digital eye strain. The computer glasses are available in the power ranges between +1.00 and +4.00.
  • Sunglass Readers – These are for those of you who enjoy sitting outside in the sun and read. That may sound weird to some of you, but the beach and poolside are great places to be outside reading. The sunglass readers are available in the power ranges between +0.50 and +4.00.
  • Customizable Readers – These are for those who have different reading powers in each eye. gives you the ability to be able to customize your readers so you can have the correct power for each eye. The customizable readers are available in the power ranges between +0.00 and +4.00.
  • Fully Magnified Readers – These are the classic readers that you will find at your local store and are the most common type of readers available. has a massive selection of these readers in all kinds of different styles. The fully magnified readers are available in the power ranges between +0.25 and +7.00.
  • Bifocal Readers – These are one of your two options for glasses if you do not want to have to take your glasses off to be able to see far. Bifocal readers come unmagnified on the top with inserts on the bottom in the magnification of your choice. The bifocal readers are available in the power ranges between +1.00 and +4.00.
  • Multifocal Readers – These are your other option for glasses that you can wear all the time. Multifocal readers provide you with a seamless blend from no magnification down to your reading power on the bottom. In between, you have an intermediate range which would be used to look at things such as computer screen distance away. The multifocal readers are available in the power ranges between +1.00 to +3.50.

Out of all the different types of lenses if you are looking for higher power readers the fully magnified readers are going to be the ones that you want. If you want a bifocal or a multifocal reader and you need a higher power your best option would be to have prescription glasses made with the correct power.

Price of Reading Glasses at

The truly amazing thing is that occasionally they will run sales or clearance prices and you can find some readers as low as $2.99.

Generally, though their readers’ price ranges anywhere from $14.95 to as high as $99.95 for blue blocking readers. They also have a premium line up of readers that is provided by felix + iris and go for about $89.00.

Shipping Cost & Time

Because they want to provide top notch customer service and understand that you need your glasses. If you get your order placed before 2:00 pm EST on a business day your order will leave their warehouse on its way to you that same day.

Standard shipping cost $3.95 but can be free if the total of your order after coupons and discounts but before taxes is over $30. Standard shipping will arrive anywhere between 3 to 5 business days.

If you are in a rush and need them faster you can have them shipped priority mail for $7.95 which arrives anywhere between 2 to 3 business days. Express and Next Day Air shipping are available if you have an emergency and need your readers quicker. The cost for Express and Next Day Air varies by location.

International shipping is available and cost varies by location and weight.

Return Policy & Warranty provides a hassle-free way to return your glasses if you are unhappy with your purchase. Their Happiness Happiness GuaranteeGuarantee allows you to return your glasses in original condition for a full refund for up to 90 days after your purchase date.

The readers do not come with a manufacturer warranty, however, wants to ensure that your glasses did not arrive with shipping damage or a manufacturing defect right from the start so their customer service team is ready to help in case that happens. Coupon Codes

If you need some readers, occasionally have promotions which are great ways to help save some money on your readers. Here are the current and upcoming promotions for


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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a place with a large selection of readers along with a wide variety of powers, styles, types, and accessories, is a place that has all of that along with a team of eyewear experts who can help you with any questions you may have.

What are you waiting for? Visit Here.

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