GlassesUSA Review 2023

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Another day and another online eyewear retailer that is now offering a home try-on program WITH your prescription included. It wasn’t that long ago that I discovered Warby Parker and what I thought was such an innovative way for people to buy prescription eyewear online.

After all, they were solving the HUGE problem of not being able to try your frames on when you are buying glasses on the internet. Since then I have discovered many more home try-on programs, but then I came across Liingo Eyewear’s home try-on program that offers glasses with the prescription lenses and you were able to try them on for 10 days.

Today I am excited to share that GlassesUSA now has a home try-on program, and they offer it with your prescription and you can try them out for 14 days!

GlassesUSA Review

GlassesUSA Homepage

When you get to GlassesUSA’s homepage right on the top is their new in-home try-on program. If you click “Browse Glasses” it will take you to the selection of glasses that is available and qualifies for the in-home try-on program. I have to say the selection isn’t too bad and between men’s and women’s they have about 1000 frames eligible for the in-home try-on program.

GlassesUSA has a nice selection of frames that range from in-house brand frames to many designer brands. You can find brands such as Ray-Ban, Gucci, Oakley, DKNY, Michael Kors, and many more.

Picking your frame

GlassesUSA Picking out your frames

Since they have a couple of hundred frames for men’s I was happy to see that they have a healthy selection of filters you can set to narrow down your selection. You can filter your frames by Gender, Frame Shape, Color, Frame Type, Lens Type, Size, Brand, Features, Price, and Frame Measurements.

You really can get into detail with their filters, but he only thing that matters to me is that if the glasses fit on my head, therefore I selected large and extra large. That narrowed my selection to a little over 100 frames, which is definitely a lot more manageable than 500.

GlassesUSA In-Home Try-OnGlassesUSA Home Try On

One thing that I have always mentioned is that if you are looking for glasses on the internet, I would just check every single reputable retailer to see what frames they are offering. Since all of these online retailers have in-house designed and manufactured eyewear, there is a chance you might find something that fits what you are looking for.

For me, GlassesUSA had these retro plastic round frames that I have always just loved the style, but most frames that are in this style are very narrow and never fit well for me. So I was excited that the model that GlassesUSA carries is one that can fit on larger than average heads.

Picking out your lenses

After you have your frame picked out you would then have to select what you use your glasses for. This would be determined by your prescription and whether or not you need your glasses to see far, close or both. GlassesUSA has a good selection of options for your glasses, more detail below.

GlassesUSA lens types

  • Single Vision –  These lenses have a single power throughout the entire lens. You can get single vision lenses to be able to use them for distance, intermediate (computer), or reading, but not combined in any way shape or form.
  • Progressive Bifocal – These lenses provide you with a seamless blend between your distance, intermediate and reading powers all in one lens. Starting with distance on the top and gradually going to the reading power on the bottom. With progressive lenses, there are no visible lines for where the reading area is.
  • Lined Bifocal – These lenses have two powers in one lens, but there is a distinct area for distance and for reading. There is a visible line that shows the difference between the two powers.
  • Non-Prescription – Just as the name suggests, if you want fashion lenses just for looks that is an option as well,.

GlassesUSA is one of the few online retailers that actually offer a lined bifocal for those of you who wear those. After you figure out what kind of lens you are going to get you are going to have to enter your prescription in. After that, you have your lens materials.

Lens Materials

GlassesUSA lens packages

When you get to lens materials you have a couple of different options. The first two options are just standard plastic lenses (My prescription is apparently too high for standard plastic lenses, the website has it grayed out ha!). After that, you have polycarbonate lenses which will provide you with an impact resistant lens as well as an anti-reflective coating.

If you have a stronger prescription, the premium lens offered by GlassesUSA will if your high-index material that will provide you with the thinnest and lightest material you could get as well as a better anti-reflective coating. Also, If you purchase high-index lenses through GlassesUSA you get a prescription card that is good for 15% off of your next purchase.

Lens upgrades

GlassesUSA upgrades

After you decide on what lens material you are going to are going to go with after that are the various lens upgrades. As with all lens upgrades they are definitely not mandatory to be able to see but certain upgrades could help you have sharper and clearer vision in various conditions depending your day to day activities. Here is what is available at GlassesUSA.

  • Digital Block – The digital block upgrade is GlassesUSA’s blue light protector lenses. These lenses can help reduce eye strain or headaches you may experience from extended periods of time looking at digital devices.
  • Photochromic – You might know these lenses by the brand name Transitions or light adaptive lenses. These lenses darken when you are outdoors and your glasses are exposed to UV rays. When you are indoors the lenses remain clear. Photochromic lenses are great for anyone that spends a good amount of time indoors as well as outdoors but didn’t want the hassle of carrying around multiple pairs of glasses.
  • Super Hydrophobic Coating – This is a coating that helps your lenses repel any dirt, fingerprints, dust, and any liquids from clinging onto the lenses.

If you spend extended periods of time using digital devices I definitely recommend having the digital block upgrade applied. If you like Transition lenses they do also block out some blue light as well. If you need prescription sunglasses those are available as well.

Prescription sunglass lenses

If you are looking to get prescription sunglasses GlassesUSA has a few options that you could go with. If you have never worn prescription sunglasses before and you have a prescription I highly recommend getting a pair if you don’t have a pair. Sunglasses not only provide you with a more comfortable viewing experience outside, but they help protect the sensitive skin around your eyes from the harmful UV rays. There are a couple of options for your prescription eyewear from GlassesUSA. take a look below. 

  • Color Tint – These are the standard lenses that you are able to get for your prescription sunglasses. These lenses provide you with 100% UV protection in a tint color of your choice. GlassesUSA offers tinted lenses in gray, brown or green.
  • Mirrored – This is a coating that is applied that not only makes your sunglasses look more fashionable but the reflective coating helps reflect more of the sun’s harmful UV rays away from your eyes. This coating makes your lenses look like little mirrors and is available a variety of colors.
  • Polarized – Polarized lenses give you an additional level of protection by also blocking out intense glare that you normally would get from horizontal light reflecting off surfaces such as the ground, large bodies of water, even the hood of a car. This will provide you with a more comfortable viewing experience as well as less eye strain.

Normally for me, I always get polarized lenses when I get my prescription sunglasses because I enjoy how nice everything looks without the glare especially when I am out fishing, but polarized lenses are not recommended for everyone. Individuals such as pilots are not recommended to wear polarized lenses as it could impair their ability to read their instrument panels.

Shipping Cost & Time

GlassesUSA provides free standard shipping for all US orders that takes about 7-10 business days to arrive but has expedited as well as express shipping available if you need your glasses quicker. International shipping is also available for individuals who do not live in the US.

Keep in mind that the shipping time does not include the processing time which can take anywhere between 3-6 days depending on how complicated your prescription is.

Return Policy & Warranty

GlassesUSA offers a 14-day no questions asked return policy and will provide you with a shipping label if you decide to return your glasses. Your eyewear does come with a 365-day manufacturer’s warranty that gives you a 50% credit towards a new pair if they do happen to break. There is additional coverage that you can purchase.

20/20 Enhanced One-Year Coverage Warranty

If you are generally hard on your glasses you have the option to purchase a 1-year coverage that gives you a one-time replacement of your frames and lenses if they get damaged or breaks. It also covers your lenses if your prescription changes within the year, You can contact customer service to start an exchange process for your new prescription lenses. This extra coverage can be purchased for up to an additional $25 depending on your lens material.

GlassesUSA Coupons

GlassesUSA has a Deals page on its website that has all of its current coupon codes that are available currently for you to pick from. Depending on what you are planning on purchasing you might be able to save some money. You can find that page here:

GlassesUSA Sales and Coupons Page


Is GlassesUSA worth taking a look at for your prescription eyewear needs? Absolutely! They offer a great selection of frames and lenses for you to pick from at affordable prices. They often run promotions so you can save additional money, and their in-home try-on program with the prescription lenses definitely ahead of the market.

They also carry both designer brands as well as non-designer brand eyewear to suit many different tastes. Currently, for their 10 year anniversary, they are currently running a birthday bash and you can get 60% off. – 10 Year Birthday Bash! 60% Off + Free Shipping

I am excited to get my in-home try on glasses and will update you guys when I have them. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave them below and I will get back to you.

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