What Do You Need To Consider When Buying Contact Lenses?

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What Do You Need To Consider When Buying Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses have made it possible for people to get rid of glasses and offer greater versatility and ease. The use of contact lenses rather than glasses has several benefits, including the fact that they have a wider field of vision and do not affect your natural eyesight. But every medical treatment or purchase requires care and caution, especially for the senior members. Old-age people need help with daily medical care. They need a system of houses where they can get assistance with daily activities. In California, Whittier assisted living offers their senior residents a care home where they fulfill all their life essentials, such as nutrition, exercise, medication, housekeeping, etc.

The eye is a sensitive part for which you need to be very careful while purchasing any medical device or treating it. Some necessary restrictions and factors need to be considered before buying a contact lens. For most people, it gets hard to decide which contact lens can be the best fit for them, so in this article, we have a guide about all the things that you need to consider while buying contact lenses.

Things to consider while buying Contact lenses

Choose your lens type

There are two basic types of lens soft and hard. Most people use a soft lens as it can be used to correct various vision problems. On the other hand, a hard lens can be the best for people with astigmatism or a medical condition in which protein deposits form on the contact lens.

What is the time length of wearing contact lenses?

There are different types of lenses that have additional wearing time, such as;

  • Daily disposables: these are the lense used only for a day and thrown away. Some are not careful about their things. They can get bacteria on their lenses, so disposable lenses are suitable for these kinds of people.
  • Weekly disposable: these lenses can be used for a week and can be thrown away, but these need cleaning every night to avoid bacteria; these lenses are mostly recommended to people as they have minimal chances of getting bacteria.
  • Monthly disposable: this lens can be good for people who wear contact lenses. It is suitable for your wallet, but it needs cleaning every night to avoid bacteria or infection.

Take an eye doctors prescription with you

Before buying a contact lens, consult your eye doctor for a thorough eye exam and fitting. Then your eye doctor will provide you with a prescription. That contact lens prescription may have a few different symbols or abbreviations that indicate how and why they will fit your eye.

Colored lens prescription

Most people buy colored lense to do fashion and follow the trend, but they don’t realize that colored lense also requires a prescription. Because non-corrective colored lenses still pose the same health and safety risks as corrective ones. However, non-corrective has 0.00 power. Still, it requires a testing exam from a doctor before it is prescribed. It would be best to get the proper fit and material type before placing anything directly onto your eye surface.

Contact lenses for dry eyes

Many people complain about drying of eyes while wearing a contact lens, it doesn’t mean that contact lens is not made for you, but the mistake you make is that you don’t consider the brand and type of the lens specially designed for you drying eyes. If you have allergies or dry eye conditions, first consult your Doctor and then buy a lens of your fitting.

Keep updated prescription with you

The prescription consists of the following things: the brand of contacts you are prescribed, the sphere for your right and left eye, and diameter for the lenses, the Doctor’s office or clinic name, signature, license number, and valid exam/expiration date. It is essential to keep the updated prescription with you to buy a best-fit contact lens for you.

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Consider the cost of contact lense

One of the most important things is to make a check on your budget and your wallet. It doesn’t mean that with the arrival of contact lenses, the need for glasses is eliminated. When you buy a lens, also keep in mind the cost of the contact lens solution. If it is budget-friendly to you, then you can buy it.

Wrapping Up!

Thanks to advanced medicine and technology, today, many people who got tired of wearing glasses can now get rid of them by replacing them with a contact lens. But buying a lens requires much care and consideration. This article has an excellent guide that will help you get a perfect lens for yourself.


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