Vision Pros Review 2023

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Recently, I stumbled upon Vision Pros and wanted to get a closer look at what they offered and how they compared to other online retailers.

Vision Pros is an online eyewear retailer that was founded by Jessy Manhas as a means for him to fund his non-profit Eyes for the World charity, which helps treat preventable blindness in regions across the world that has limited access to health care, more on that later. Vision Pros provides delivery of prescription glasses and contact lenses right to your home anywhere in North America.

Vision Pros Review

These days there are countless numbers of online and storefront retailers that are offering more affordable eyewear options for those who do not want to pay hundreds of dollars on their eyewear or simply can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars. Vision Pros was founded to not only provide contact lenses and glasses at a fraction of the cost of traditional retail optical stores, but it was founded to be a funding source for a charity that helps prevent blindness across the globe. Their glasses start at around $75 and comes included with CR-39 plastic lenses, anti-reflective coating, and well as a scratch-free coating.

Vision Pros Frames

Vision Pros has a nice selection of frames for you to pick from with frames starting at $75. Even though they don’t carry many designer brands you can still find a few at Vision Pros including Kate Spade, Carolina Herrera, and Converse.

I thought their HELLO brand of frames that they had was quite interesting as the name of the frames themselves were different ways of saying “Hello” in other languages.

They have a decent selection of frame styles for both men’s and women’s, as well as a decent selection for kids glasses as well. Whenever you find a frame that you like you can click the frame to find out more information such as fit, size, color, and price. From there you can also decide if you want to get the frame by itself, or add prescription or non-prescription lenses to your frames.

Vision Pros Lenses

If you want to get your glasses with lenses you can do this either without a prescription or with a prescription. If you are doing lenses with a prescription then you should have a copy of your prescription ready that you could refer to so you can get it entered in.

After you enter your prescription in you have the option to do a Quick-Buy and just get the standard lens option that Vision Pros provides. The standard lens option gives you a CR-39 plastic lens with anti-reflective coating and scratch-resistant coatings. If you would like to customize your lens you also have the option to.

Vision Pros offers a wide range of lens materials for you to pick from depending on how strong your prescription is and how thin you want the lenses on your glasses to be. Here are your options for lens material:

  • LITE HD (FREE) – The LITE HD lenses are the standard lenses that comes free with every pair of glasses from Vision Pros. This lens is a standard CR-39 plastic lens that has great optical quality, but isn’t quite as strong with resisting scratches, and not impact-resistant so it is more vulnerable to chipping and cracking. Still, a great lens if you are on a budget or do not want to upgrade to another lens material.
  • SUPER LITE HD ($35) – The SUPER LITE HD lens is an aspheric polycarbonate lens that can be as much as 25% thinner compared to the LITE HD lenses. Aspheric lenses have the benefit of being thin and light, great in optical quality as well as being an impact-resistant. Perfect for anyone with the prescription range between +/-2.00 and +/-4.00.
  • HYPER LITE HD ($65) – The HYPER LITE HD lens is a 1.67 high-index lens for anyone that has a stronger prescription and would like their lens to be thinner and lighter. High index lenses are more efficient at bending light therefore require less lens material to give you the same prescription power. 1.67 high index lenses are perfect for anyone with the prescription range between +/-4.00 and */-6.00.
  • ULTRA LITE HD ($115) – The ULTRA LITE HD lens is a 1.74 high index lens for anyone that has a stronger prescription and want the thinnest and lightest lens material that is available. If your prescription is stronger than a +/- 6.00 you could benefit from these lenses.

At the end of the day which ever lens you want to go with is entirely up to you. If you have a strong prescription and do not mind having thick lenses you don’t need to upgrade as long as you are happy with your glasses. Depending on how you use your glasses there are some add-ons and upgrades that could be beneficial.

Lens add-ons and upgrades

Lens modifications at Vision Pros

Just like any other eyewear retailer you will have options to add on various features to your lenses that may benefit you depending on how you plan on using your glasses. Those of you who spend a lot of time outdoors but do not want to have to carry two pairs of glasses around can get Transition (photochromic) lenses for $130. Transition lenses can be a great way for you to reduce the harsh glare from the sun and make it more comfortable for your eyes when you are outdoors.

If you are someone who spends a good amount of time in front of digital devices such as computers, televisions, or tablets you can get lenses that filter out some of that blue light emitting from those devices to combat the symptoms of digital eye strain. Blue light filtering lenses start at $75.

Vision Pros Contact Lenses

Vision Pros also offers prescription contact lenses and can get you most popular brands such as Acuvue and Biofinity. They also have a small selection of Halloween contact lenses as well for those of you looking to add an extra touch to those cosplay costumes.

The prices for the contact lenses comes in about average when compared to other online retailer so if you are looking for a one stop shop it might be worth it to get it all here at Vision Pros. The neat thing about Vision Pros is occasionally they will run Flash sales on certain brands of contact lenses. With these Flash sales I have seen savings of upwards of 20% on contact lenses.

Shipping Cost & Time

Shipping is free on all orders that are $49 or above, If you are purchasing glasses I don’t believe there is anything under that price point. Generally in the world of eyewear, glasses shipped with standard shipping will usually arrive around 7-10 business days from the time you place your order.

Glasses generally have a 2-9 business day processing time depending on your prescription and lens choice. This is the time the lab needs to manufacture your glasses. From there your glasses will be shipped to you and standard shipping generally takes 5-7 business days. Even though that all sounds like a long period, on average glasses take about 7-10 business days but could be faster or longer depending on a number of factors including your prescription, lens choice and frame choice.

Return Policy & Warranty

One of the great things about Vision Pros is their 100% No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee. Under this guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your new glasses with any reason Vision Pros offers a 100-day exchange and a 30-day return policy that begins on the day you receive your glasses.

Vision Pros also offers a 365-day warranty for their glasses and sunglasses that covers any manufacturers’ defects which includes the hinges, welding points, or discoloration. Keep in mind that this does not include damage from normal wear and tear, or from misuse.

Eyes for the World

Everytime you make a purchase at Vision Pros 5% of your purchase is donated to Eyes for the World which is a non-profit that helps prevent blindness all across the globe. Eyes for the World is made up of a group of volunteer doctors and staff that have expeditions to various locations to provide surgeries, eyeglasses and even water filters to communities in need.

One of the extra cool features about getting glasses at Vision Pros is the fact that they allow you to pick how Eyes For The World spends your 5% donation during the checkout process of purchasing your glasses.

Categories that you are able to pick from include cataract surgery, glaucoma medication, slit lamp, prescription glasses, sunglasses or water filters.

What other people are saying about Vision Pros

Customer reviews for Vision Pros is managed by ShopperApproved which actively collects reviews from verified customers therefore the ratings you see are fairly accurate levels of satisfaction with the company. With that being said, Vision Pros has about 66,000 ratings and out of those ratings about 53,000 are 5-star rating, which is truly amazing. Overall, most people have had a great experience with Vision Pros, here is what people are saying:

Tips for buying glasses online

Buying prescription glasses online can be scary but as long as you have everything you need there is nothing scary about it. You just have to enter in some numbers and select a frame, simple as that. Here are some helpful tips for when you want to buy glasses online.

  • Have PD measurement – PD stands for “pupillary distance”, and is the distance between your eyes from the center of one pupil to another. You would generally be able to get your PD measurement from the doctor’s office that you got your eye exam done at. If the doctor’s office refuses to give it to you for any reason, you can always measure it yourself or have a friend measure it for you. The PD measurement could come in two forms, a monocular PD (two numbers) which is the measurement for each eye individually and binocular PD (one number) which is the measurement of both eyes together. You get a more accurate and precise measurement with the monocular PD but either one will work just fine if you are only doing single vision lenses and your prescription isn’t too strong.
  • Understand frame measurements – If you are planning on purchasing your glasses online this is something that you really need to understand. Otherwise, how else would you know if the frames you want to buy will even fit you or not. Generally, you will find measurements for eyeglasses written in the following format “50-20-135”. The first number that you see is the horizontal measurement of one lens. The second number you see is the measurement of the distance between those two lenses, and the last number is how long the arm or temple of the glasses are. Understanding how frame measurements work will make it easier when you are browsing at glasses online.
  • Have a copy of your prescription – Many online retailers give you the opportunity to select that you will send your prescription in later but it is easier if you just have your prescription ready to submit when you place your order. That ensures your order starts being processed immediately instead of waiting for you to send your prescription in.
  • Keep return policy in mind – No matter which online retailer you purchase your glasses from, pay attention to the return policy just in case you have any issues you can get it returned or exchanged within the allotted time frame.

Vision Pros coupon and promo codes

If you are looking for a coupon code for Vision pros there are a few that you can pick from. The first discount you could get is by signing up to the Vision Pros newsletter which will give you a 20% off coupon.

Final Thoughts

Vision Pros is the real deal and the best part about it is that they are helping people in need worldwide through their Eyes for the World program which helps treat preventable blindness worldwide. So if you are looking for an online retailer with a great do good mission, look no further then Vision Pros.

As always thank you for stopping by Eye Health HQ, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Vision Pros was founded to not only provide contact lenses and glasses at a fraction of the cost of traditional retail optical stores, but it was founded to be a funding source for a charity that helps prevent blindness. I really thanks for you sharing the excellent post.


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