Where to Buy Progressive Bifocal Reading Glasses

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One of the biggest hassles of using reading glasses is the fact that you can’t see anything far away with them. This means in order for you to see anything that is further than your arm’s length away you would have to either look over the reading glasses or take them off.

This can be an inconvenience, especially if you work or do any activity in an environment where you need to be able to see at different ranges from distance to near.

One of the ways you can tackle this problem is by using progressive bifocal reading glasses. These lenses will give you three ranges of power within the same pair of glasses. Starting with no power on the top, intermediate in the middle, and reading on the bottom. The top area with no power is for you to be able to look out into the distance, the intermediate middle section is about half your reading power and could be used for looking at about arm’s length away such as computers, and on the bottom would be your normal reading strength.

Where to Buy Progressive Bifocal Reading Glasses

There are plenty of online retailers that could offer you progressive reading glasses. Which retailer you go with just depends on your budget and if you are having progressive readings made for you or if you are just buying it premade. Regardless there are plenty of options, Here are some of my favorite places where you can find progressive bifocal reading glasses.



If you are looking for readers, one of my favorite places to check first is Readers.com. They have a huge selection of readers and have them available in many different frame styles and power ranges for you to pick from. Their selection of multifocal readers gives you three different ranges of power so you could look across your desk, at your computer, and be able to see things up close as well.

When selecting the power for your glasses you would select the standard reading power that you normally use. This power will be the power that is at the bottom area of your lenses. Right above that would be your intermediate power, which is generally good for anything that is normally at the computer range which is about an arm’s length away. Above that would be the range you would use if you need to see across your desk.

Readers.com Shipping & Returns

When ordering anything online, a good shipping and return policy go a long way. Just think Amazon and their one-day shipping. At Readers.com all orders that are placed before 2 PM ET during a business day will ship out the same day.

Shipping generally cost $3.95, unless your purchase is over $30 which then your shipping would be free. They also offer expedited shipping for an additional cost.

As far as returns, Readers.com offers a Happiness Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return your glasses in the original condition within 90 days for a refund (excluding shipping) or for an exchange.



Of course, you have to expect the world’s largest retailer to be on this list. Amazon has all kinds of reading glasses ranging from just your standard bifocal reading glasses to progressive bifocal reading glasses. The frame styles vary and is available in all kinds of designs ranging from plastic frames to metal frames.

Amazon carries progressive bifocal readers from many different manufacturers and therefore it is a good idea to pay attention to the lens design photos that are generally provided just to get an idea of how your lenses are going to be. Most of the time it will all generally just start with no prescription on the top and gradually blends down to the reading magnification of your choice.

Amazon Shipping and Return Policy

If you are an Amazon Prime member, shipping and returns are free of charge. With Prime, you will get your package shipped to you within one or two days for no additional cost. Returns are also simple, Amazon gives you 30 days from the day of receipt for a full refund.



If you are a fan of the frames from popular eyewear startup Warby Parker you are able to get those frames with progressive reading lenses made by them with no prescription needed. All you have to do is head over to Warby Parker’s website, select your frames and you can place an order for your progressive bifocal reading glasses.

Lenses from Warby Parker are polycarbonate and come included with anti-reflective coating, scratch resistance, and UV coatings. Warby Parker also offers a 1-year no scratch guarantee on those lenses and will replace them in case you scratch them within the first year free of charge.

Warby Parker Shipping and Return Policy

Warby Parker offers free standard shipping on all of the glasses that they sell. You have the option to expedite your order for a little bit more. All glasses from Warby Parker comes with a 30-day no questions asked return policy.



If you are into designer brand frames ReadingGlasses.com may be worth a look at. They offer an extensive collection of progressive bifocal reading glasses made with frames from designer brands everyone knows such as Ray-Ban, Prada and more.

Through ReadingGlasses.com you can also add optional lens upgrades such as anti-reflective coating, blue light filtering, and even photochromic lenses which change into sunglasses while you are outdoors. The progressive lenses themselves are designed with no prescription at the top and the magnification gradually increasing as you move your eyes down with your reading power at the bottom.

ReadingGlasses.com Shipping and Return Policy

ReadingGlasses.com offers free standard shipping on all orders but will give you a free 2-day shipping upgrade on orders that are above $100. As far as returns, ReadingGlasses.com offers 30-days for returns made for any reason no questions asked.



You may have seen their brand before at your local retailers. First starting as a sunglasses brand over 90 years ago, today they are a global leader in the eyewear industry for sunglasses as well as reading glasses. As far as progressive bifocal reading glasses Foster Grant offers the Multi Focus reading glasses which gives you three strengths all in a single pair.

Lenses are made with polycarbonate to help minimize scratching and an anti-reflective coating to help reduce any glare you may experience.

Foster Grant Shipping and Return Policy

Foster Grant offers free ground shipping for any orders that are over $30 otherwise it will be $6.50 for shipping. There are faster shipping options as well if you need your glasses quicker. As far as returns Foster Grant offers a 30-day return guarantee from the delivery date.



If you feel like you want your progressive bifocal reading glasses to be a bit more customized one of the most affordable places to find a pair would be through EyeBuyDirect. Here you can select the frame of your choice and add multi-focal progressive readers for an additional $49 which is a great price for a standard progressive lens.

The power range in which you will be able to order for the reading power is in between +0.75 and +3.50. The cost of the frame will depend on which frame you end up going with. The only limitation you have is just to not go with a frame that is too small when you are picking one for your progressive lenses.

EyeBuyDirect Shipping and Return Policy

At EyeBuyDirect, any orders that are over $99 will get free standard shipping. If your order does not exceed $99, shipping will cost you $5.95. There are options to expedite your order if you need your glasses quicker.

EyeBuyDirect has a 14-day fit and style guarantee which allows you to make an equal exchange or get a full refund with no questions asked. Aside from that if you hold on to your glasses past the 14 days their glasses come with a 365-day product guarantee and you are eligible for a one-time replacement pair within 12 months.



Walmart is another great place for you to look for progressive bifocal reading glasses. Like Amazon, they have a wide range of different reading glasses ranging from bifocal to progressive readers that are sold by third-party sellers on their website. They are a great alternative if you are in a pinch and don’t want to spend top dollars on prescription progressive glasses.

On Walmart.com there are many different frame styles as well as power ranges and lens designs for the progressive readers. It is helpful to look at the lens design when you are purchasing your progressive readers.

Walmart Shipping and Return Policy

If the item you are getting is directly from Walmart.com you may be able to get free 2-day or next day shipping and a return policy of up to 90 days. If not, most of the other retailers on Walmart’s marketplace offers free standard shipping and a return policy of at least 30 days but can be longer depending on the retailer.

Final Thoughts

Well, whether you were looking for an inexpensive pair of progressive bifocal reading glasses or one that is a bit more higher quality, you have both options in front of you so the choice is yours. Having a pair of progressive glasses made with your prescription would be the best option but these are all great options if you don’t have time or don’t want to have to get a prescription.

As always thanks for stopping by Eye Health HQ, if you all still have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below or use the contact form.

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