Benefits of Polycarbonate Lenses

If you are a longtime eyeglass wearer, there is a good chance that you may have been offered polycarbonate lenses once or twice in your life. Even if you are a new eyeglass wearer, you might have heard the word polycarbonate come up once or twice during your time at your local eyecare practice. But …

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How Often Should You Get An Eye Exam? – 5 Signs You Should Get An Exam As Soon As You Can

Lady Getting An Eye Exam

Working in the optical field for over 10 years I noticed that there are people that come in for their eye exams annually, some people that come in for their eye exams every two years, and then there are those people that wait 3 years or more to come back for their eye exam. Most …

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About Us – Meet Your Online Optician

Here at Eye Health HQ, we’re focused on everything that has to do with eyes. From glasses to contact lenses, we help compare eyewear retailers and help you find the most affordable places to take care of all your eye care needs. Looking to save some money on your eyewear by purchasing them online? Trying …

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