In Home Try-on Glasses – 17 Alternatives to Warby Parker’s Home Try-On

Warby Parker was the pioneer of the home try-on program, but there are other retailers noticing Warby Parker’s unique and innovative style and are following suit. The home try-on program allows customers to be able to try on frames they otherwise would’ve just seen on their computer screen.

With you being able to actually try on the frame you can assess how it fits, and if you actually like the frames on yourselves. Below is a list of successful startups that are alternatives to Warby Parker, who also have in-home try-on glasses for their frame collections.

17 Alternatives to Warby Parker home try-on glasses

Felix + Iris

This successful startup that started out of a small home office in 2005 has turned into a large rapidly growing company that Felix and Irisnow operates out of Greenwood, Indiana. They offer an at home “Fit Kit” where you can choose 4 frames and they ship them to you so you can try them out.

This Fit Kit from Felix and Iris is very similar to how Warby Parker’s home try-on kit is except you select 4 frames instead of 5. It is a very straightforward try at home kit with no surprises, you pick your glasses, they send them to you, you give them a try, you order your favorite one, and send them back, it’s as simple as that.


Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear was a successful startup that was founded in 2016 and was acquired by well known online contact lens Liingoretailer 1800Contacts at the beginning of 2018. Liingo has a more unique in-home try-on program than other retailers that offer the service. At Liingo you are able to pick 2 pairs of glasses on that you are able to try on for 10 days for free.

The unique factor about the in-home try-on glasses from Liingo is that you are able to get them with your exact prescription lenses so you can actually see with the glasses when you are trying them on. This is definitely a one of a kind program that is available over at Liingo.



I recently discovered this company and this is one special company. Their frames are made from timber that has been Lochpreserved on the bottom of the Great Lakes and has been there for 500+ years. Which means if you get a pair of glasses from Loch your glasses will be a unique one of a kind frame.

They have a home try-on program in which you can pick 3 frames from their eyeglasses or sunglasses collections and you have 10 days to try them on before having to return them. If you like any of them you can keep them and they will just charge you for the ones you don’t return.


David Kind

David Kind is another online retailer that offers a home try-on program for their eyewear. They are also so confident in their David Kindframes that they back their frames up with a 10-year warranty for any manufacturer defects. They have a unique experience to their home try-on program. There is a small fee of $20 that would be applied to your order if you choose to order your glasses through them and that is good for up to 90 days.

But the unique experience is that when you decide to go with the David Kind home try-on experience, you select 3 frames, and your personal optician will select 3 additional frames for you based on your responses to a short form. After they ship you your 6 frames, you have 6 days to try out the frames and ask your personal optician any questions you may have.


Fetch Eyewear

This is an amazing retailer and I absolutely love the mission that they are on. This company donates 100% of their profits to help support animal welfare through rescue, vet care, low-cost spay and neuter, and an education Fetch Homepagepartnership with The Pixie Project which is a non-profit animal adoption center and rescue.

Fetch Eyewear offers a home try-on program that is very similar to how Warby Parker’s home try-on program. You pick out 5 frames, a try them out at home. Fetch Eyewear is also so confident in the quality of the frames, that they offer a lifetime warranty with their frames.


Archibald London

As you can guess by their name they are a London-based retailer, and they offer a collection of high-quality made in Japan Archibald Londonframes. For your free home try-on kit, you are able to pick 3 of your favorite frames you would like to try on and they will have it packed and shipped right to your door. After your frames arrive you have 5 days to try on the frames and send them back.

If you get your eyewear here, each order is handcrafted and sent to you directly from Japan in 8-10 days.


Cooper Crwn

This New York-based retailer has many trendy, classy, and high-quality glasses at affordable prices. They offer a Pick ‘N’ Cooper CrwnMatch home-try service in which you can pick three frames that you like, and one of their opticians will pick two more to send a total of 5 frames to you. The two frames that will be picked for you, one will be based on your style, and the other one will be the current trendy frames. After your classes arrive, you have 5 days to send them back.


See Saw Seen Eyewear

This San Francisco-based retailer has always strived to help provide everyone with high-quality and affordable eyewear that isSee Saw Seen easily accessible from the comfort of your home. They offer a home try-on program in which you can choose 5 pairs to have shipped to you to try on. If you live in the San Francisco area, See Saw Seen has a unique in-person try-on program in which you could select up to 10 pairs and they bring the frames to you to try on.



This is a Texas-based company that was started in 2011 and they make a bit more than just eyewear over a variety of sports includingRoka running, cycling, and more. They offer a home try-on program in which you can try on not only prescription eyewear but their collection of regular sunglasses as well as performance sunglasses. With their home try-on program you can select up to 4 styles, and after you receive them you have up to 7 days to take a look at them before shipping it back.


Quattrocento Eyewear

This is an interesting company, to say the least. This Italy-based company is all about reviving the old Italian artisan’s Quattrocentocommunity. Bringing a modern twist to traditional Italian Artisanship. Although they don’t ship out their actual glasses, they ship out the paper cut out of their frames so you can see how each style would look on you. The awesome thing about Quattrocento is that they ship out these paper cutouts worldwide. Although it might take longer to arrive at some places than others.


Home try-on glasses for kids

Jonas Paul Eyewear

While many other retailers offer home try-on kits for adult sized frames, Jonas Paul offers frames for those kids that are agedJonas Paul between 4 and 12. Their founders were frustrated trying to find quality but fashional eyewear for their son due to the limited options for children. Their mission is to help children feel beautiful in their glasses, and providing sight to children in need by giving back with every purchase that is made. At Jonas Paul, you are able to order 7 home try-on children’s frames, and after the frames arrive, you have 7 days to try them out with your child before you have to send them back.


Pair Eyewear

Pair is another retailer that offers exclusively children’s eyewear. Wanting to provide parents with a good option for high-Pairquality but affordable eyewear for children that can help your child express their style just like how they want. They offer glasses with interchangeable tops with different colors so your child can change colors any time they want without having to purchase a whole new pair. They only send you cardboard cutouts of your frames, but it could still give you an idea of how the frames would fit on your child.


Roshambo baby

This is a company that sells glasses for the baby (0-2 yrs), toddler (2-4 yrs), junior (4+ yrs), and adults. I love the mission thatRoshambo this company has. There was definitely a need for sunglasses for babies, and children’s eyes need the most protection from UV since their eyes can’t filter out all of the UV yet. They have a couple of different home try-on kits depending on which frame sizes you wanted to try on. After you pick one they will send you a kit that has one of each size for you to see how they would fit. Once you get the try-on frames you have 7 days to try them on yourself or your baby to see which one you would like best.


Home try-on glasses in other countries


This company based out of Amsterdam has a home try-on program that is available to customers from Sweden, Finland,Forsta Denmark, and Estonia. They provide a line up of vintage-inspired classic frames but with contemporary style. They wanted to eliminate the trade-off between value and quality when it comes to eyewear and therefore with Forsta you get high-quality eyewear at an affordable price.



Oscar Wylee

Oscar Wylee is another successful startup that was founded in 2012 and is based out of Australia. Once a company that Oscar Wyleestarted out in a garage, Oscar Wylee now has showrooms all across Australia you could visit. If you still do not live near one of their showrooms they have a simple home try-on program similar to Warby’s in which you select 5 frames, you have 5 days to take them for a spin before having to return them. This service is only available to those in Australia. 


Ace & Tate

Amsterdam-based Ace & Tate offers a collection of retro-inspired frames that includes a contemporary twist. Wanting to bringace and tate high-quality eyewear down to a more affordable price by cutting out the middleman Ace & Tate has done just that, and services many countries all across Europe. They have a very straightforward home try-on program in which you could select up to 4 frames and have 5 days to try them on after you receive them. Their home try-on program currently services Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands. 


Home try-on readers

Look Optic

This is a company that wants to make wearing reading glasses fun. They offer a collection of stylish reading glasses to help Look Opticmake you look and feel the best you can be. They only have a couple of styles in their collection, but each style has a variety of different colors for you to pick from. For their home try-on, you can select your 3 favorite styles, along with 3 colors and your magnification. After you receive them you have 14 days to try them on before having to return them.


Final Thoughts

Well, it seems as though Warby Parker started quite a trend.  The home try-on program is a hit and other retailers are noticing so they are doing the same thing. I expect more retailers in the future to start their own home try-on programs. Being able to try your glasses at home before placing your order online will soon be the norm. In the meantime check out the current ones. Don’t forget about the company that pioneered the home try-on program, there are plenty of stylish frames over at Warby Parker.

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What do you guys think about these retailers with home try-on programs? Drop a comment below! If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave it below and I will get back to you.

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  1. Oh I was actually looking for these In Home Try-on Glasses. Looks like I found the right website for it. This article had 17 great Home Try-on Glasses and also alternatives to Warby Parker’s Home Try-On. I went through the whole list and I love most of them.

    Out of these 17 In Home Try-on Glasses I love the Loch better. They have a unique frame and it will suit my head for sure.

    Thank you so much for the rundown on these glasses.

  2. I’m not such a glass freak, but I like using fancy and matured looking ones from time to time. Of I’m to go for any of the options, I’ll go for David Kind. I believe putting on quality makes you feel qualified to appear anywhere. I used to not want to buy frames from big names because of the cost but then I figured out that it’s worth it. 

  3. Hi Huy,

    these are some interesting glasses! Loch, Quattrocento and Roka are really cool. I would take ‘Phantom Ti’ from Roka, blue color. That shape of sunglasses suits me :)It will be my friend’s birthday soon, maybe I could buy her some, cause she loves to wear them in any occasion. I think Aguaplano from Quattrocento would be best for her;  Be Tondo, The Pilot and Gonzo are more like my style. :DI’m really thrilled with these models, I haven’t seen them before. I’m totally bookmarking this and suprising my friend! Probably myself too 🙂


  4. Hello,The truth when reading your article did not know that currently there are different brands of glasses that can send your products to your home to test them. 

    Of course the idea seems great and provides greater comfort for all who use glasses. 

    I think it’s good that they have a limited time to test them by charging those who do not return. 

    Thank you very much for all the information that I will take into account.

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